3CX phone systems with door entry systemsDoor entry systems

Have you ever visited an office where the door entry system makes a call to the office? Did it take ages and then get a busy signal? Where are you left in the cold or the rain and forced to phone them from your mobile? Do you want your visitors to have an experience like that? Would you like to control entry to your building?

Some entry systems have a keypad that rings a single dedicated phone. These systems are inflexible, and the handset is often in an inconvenient place which is annoying to answer.

Our door entry systems integrate with new or existing 3CX phone systems. When someone presses the door button, a desk phone or group of phones ring in the office; if the caller is welcome, the door can be opened remotely from that phone.

Many features are available depending on the make and model of the keypad.

  • Integrated number pad for staff access.
  • RFID card reader for staff which increases security compared with keypad entry.
  • Integrated Cameras to view visitors.
  • Logging door-opening events.

Added benefits of integrated door entry systems.

  • No undetected strangers
  • No separate inconveniently located handset
  • Insurance companies might insist on door entry control
  • Where there is a high staff turnover, controlling access is more straightforward, and no keys need controlling.
  • Control access to remote storerooms or machinery spaces.
  • Combine with CCTV to enhance security further
  • Reduce theft and accidents
  • Controlled access from remote phones
  • Change the destination phone depending on circumstances like staff holidays.

Atomik.biz support any door entry system compatible with 3CX. These include those from Fanvil, AlphaTech Door Phone (also known as Moshi Door Phones in the UK) and Cyberdata.