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Hosting is running and maintaining a server or service for another company. It can be a complete server used by remote users or a service like hosted email, a database or a phone system. The benefits of having your servers or services hosted are that the hosting company will have better connectivity with higher reliability and monitoring. They will have on-site computer staff to ensure continued security and performance. In the case of hosted services hardware and software, upgrades will be the hosting company’s responsibility.

Email Hosting

Having a dedicated email server for a small number of users is not cost-effective. One alternative would be to host your email on our servers. We monitor our servers, so you don’t have to. Our systems will stop viruses and have comprehensive spam protection.

We offer web access for when you are away from your PC and Outlook for when you are not. We support connections with suitable smartphones and tablets. We advise on the choice of hardware and offer a personal service to help users that most larger companies cannot match. This service is charged per mailbox and is independent of the number of devices connected.

Server Hosting

We can host an existing server or provide one from scratch. This service would suit more users who operate remotely from their central office or for wholly mobile companies that don’t have an office. We would take care of backups and ongoing support of both the server and the remote users.

Website Hosting

For web hosting services, visit our website services page.

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