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No one ever asks us to look at their network if they are happy with their IT provider. We usually find systems that companies remotely support on a purely reactive basis, which means they only become involved in response to being contacted about a problem. These companies rarely, if ever, visit and usually have little understanding of the customer’s environment or business.

Atomik.biz is different because, from day one, we keep comprehensive records of all the settings needed to manage the network and diagnose problems when they occur. We believe that maintaining a computer system is mainly about planning. We aim to ensure maximum uptime by being proactive and making the system as reliable as possible. Over time we will develop the network to be as remotely manageable as possible. We will also plan as much as possible to minimise system maintenance during the working day.

Atomik.biz consultants are very experienced career IT professionals. We are small enough to provide a personal but professional service, and we have not forgotten that our customers need to get value for money.

The first step to peace of mind and a professionally managed network is to phone or email us. We will arrange a visit at a convenient time. Larger networks with multiple sites and servers require a complete systems audit for planning and support. However complex the system, keeping this documentation up to date is an ongoing process.