reduce energy billsReduce energy bills with Hive

If you want to reduce energy bills, one way to do it is to install Hive central heating control. Hive consists of a controller that replaces your existing timer, a wireless thermostat in your main living space, and a hub connected to your broadband connection. The Internet connection allows you to control your heating from your smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere.

You will need a different version of the Hive controller, depending on if you have a combi boiler or a hot water cylinder.


Hive allows you to reduce energy bills in many ways.

  • Setting different temperatures at different times of the day. Warmer when your family is getting up and having showers and automatically reducing the temperature once everyone is dressed.
  • Remotely adjust your heating if your plans change and you don’t go home for some reason.
  • Turning the heating to holiday mode if you go away and forget to turn the heating off.
  • Fine-tune your settings from your smartphone or desk without having to navigate an old-fashioned timer screwed to the wall.
  • The Hive thermostat is very accurate compared to old-fashioned rotary thermostats and also allows very precise programming of scheduled heating and hot water.


Reduce enery bills with HiveInstalled by a qualified electrician

Our qualified electrician will install your Hive system in about an hour for most systems with an existing timer. If you have already bought your Hive system we will be happy to install it for you or we can supply and fit it for you.


Hive installation consists of

  • Fixing the thermostat to the wall which should be one and a half meters from the floor and away from radiators and other sources of heat.
  • Replacing the existing timer with the Hive controller.
  • Connecting the Hive hub to your broadband router.
  • Installing the Hive app on your Smartphone or tablet
  • Pair your Hive with your device using a unique code.
  • Give the user a demonstration of how to use the system believes in giving an ongoing service. If you need help in the future we will be there to support you.


Save energy with smart radiator valvesFurther energy savings with Hive

Hive has more options to reduce your energy bills.

Replacing existing thermostatic radiator valves with Hive valves controlled by your Hive system to further optimise your heating. Hive thermostatic radiator valves work like your existing thermostatic valves with manual adjustment but have a numeric temperature display for greater accuracy.

Hive thermostatic radiator valves allow you to fine-tune your heating and save money by only heating rooms that are in use. An example is to not heat bedrooms when unused throughout the day and to automatically turn them on shortly before bedtime.

Hive thermostatic radiator valve heads are direct replacements for most existing thermostatic valves without the need for any plumbing. If your existing radiator valves are not thermostatic, they must be replaced which requires your heating to be drained.