Choosing and installing SSL certificates

SSL Security Certificates

Nearly all network devices can have SSL Security Certificates installed on them. Devices without certificates are still accessible but give security errors when accessed by a web browser.

The choice and cost of these certificates vary from free to thousands of pounds. For example, an E-commerce website needs an expensive SSL certificate, but an information-only website could use a free SSL certificate. Free SSL certificates have a short renewal period, so a low-cost paid for SSL certificate might be a better choice unless an automatic certificate renewal process is in place.

Which Security Certificate to choose

Information-only websites or websites with no customer or financial data don’t usually need expensive commercial SSL certificates. For these sites using Lets Encrypt certificates is a good choice. Let’s Encrypt certificates are free and can automatically renew. There are setup requirements, and adding monitoring is recommended in case the renewal process fails.

Top-of-the-range certificates require extensive verification to prove to the certificate agency that you are entitled to the certificate. Verification work takes time and therefore adds cost. Lower-cost commercial certificates have a lower admin burden so take less time to process. Wild card certificates and certificates with multiple names are available, but these require additional work to acquire and install and need more careful planning.

Security Certificates require ongoing support, including renewals due to expiry and domain name changes. will plan and implement the best SSL certificates for each service. The cost of these can vary greatly depending on the requirement.