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Our consultants have decades of experience working in Business IT & Computer & Laptop Support and provide quality solutions. We often say that rather than asking us to implement a particular technology, clients should tell us their business problems and let us recommend a solution. An excellent example of this is a company that had a key member of staff who was moving to the coast that they did not want to lose. We enabled the company to keep that person and the staff member enjoying their new life by the sea. The answer was to implement remote access that allowed them to work from anywhere. The company started using remote technologies for other staff members who wanted to work remotely. The managing director later said, “we had changed all their lives for the better”.

On site computer support in Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes Onsite support

To be able to provide business IT & Computer support to a new client, it is essential to complete a systems audit so that we know what systems are in place. An inspection will result in documentation of the network and includes network addresses, logins, passwords, systems specifications and serial numbers. This process allows us to become familiar with the environment and its IT needs. We usually find many problems, and we then plan how to get from what they have to what they need. Documentation is kept up to date as the system changes and is an essential tool for ongoing support.

Although we fix most issues remotely, we feel it is essential to spend some time on-site. Usually, more significant projects are more efficient on-site, and it also allows us to understand the people and business needs better.

There is also the “While Your Here” factor which is where people bring up problems they have lived with for some time but have never mentioned. These often have a significant impact on the business and sometimes solve a problem they don’t even know they have.

Computer consultancy in Leighton Buzzard and Milton KeynesRemote support

The vast majority of our work is with long-term customers. As we have detailed knowledge of their systems, we can complete most ongoing support tasks remotely. Businesses don’t like downtime, so where possible, we schedule work that would otherwise be disruptive to be done remotely out of hours. We even have some sites we have supported for years that we have never yet visited. One is a branch office of a London-based company with an office in Malta.



Data center solutions based in Milton Keynes.Server Support installs and maintains servers. These vary from micro-servers in small offices which run Microsoft Windows to provide essential network services to scalable servers running multiple virtual machines on the VMWare platform. We also host servers in data centres running phone systems and websites.

Many services are now cloud-based, but there are still many reasons to have local servers. Not all businesses have fast and reliable Internet connections, so some systems will work more reliably on-premise. There are circumstances where the combined costs of business Internet connection and the monthly costs of software as a service make running a server more cost-effective.