Computer network services in Leighton Buzzard and LondonComputer Network Solutions designs and installs computer networks for small and medium-sized businesses. We supply robust and secure wired and wireless networks ( WiFi ) and business-class Internet connections.

Networking is the sharing of resources. These resources can be files, phones, printers, databases, contacts, computers, wireless access points, the Internet and many other business objects.

Network components

Most computer networks use a combination of technologies. Local connectivity is usually a combination of wired and wireless networks, and both technologies have benefits and downsides. Wired networks are faster, more secure, and the best choice for desktop equipment in a stable office environment. The downside is the cost of installing a wired network.

Wireless networks are necessary for mobile devices and convenient for laptop computers. The downside is the cost of maintaining security and coverage problems.

Business Benefits

  • Sharing data allows multiple users to cooperate on projects and be able to access team documents in real time. The alternative is having multiple versions of data on various machines leading to inefficiency and version control problems.
  • Backing up centrally held data is more straightforward and reduces costs.
  • Allowing controlled remote access to company data
  • Sharing printers means having a small number of quality printers used by many users. Sharing printers lowers support requirements, saves office space and reduces costs.
  • Better control of network resources reduces costs and improves security
  • Lowering costs by sharing resources both locally and between business locations

Efficient sharing of Internet connections is a significant benefit to business owners. recommends having fault-tolerant Internet connections. A typical scenario is having two good-quality Internet connections connected to a single router. When one link fails, the router will automatically use the other connection. While both connections are working, the business will benefit from the higher performance of load balancing the traffic over both links.

Internet speed testUse our Internet speed checker to test your Internet connection

Our Internet speed checker is advert free.

If you are unsure if your problem is with your wireless or your broadband, run the test twice. Run the first test connected directly to the router with an Ethernet cable, then run a second test connected by wireless. If the wired test is much faster than the wireless test, the problem is the wireless. If your wireless is the problem, try running further tests from different places to see if you have a coverage problem.