Choosing and installing SSL certificatesWebsite services

With 20 years of experience, is your first port of call for all issues relating to website performance.

Below are some of the tasks we can perform for you.

  • moving your site to another host
  • fixing DNS and domain issues
  • find out why your website is so slow
  • diagnose email problems with contact forms
  • discover if there is malware on your website
  • get you started with Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Get you started with Google tools for controlling and monitoring your web presence
  • Find out how many hackers attempt to access your website. You will be amazed and horrified at this one.
  • Monitor website uptime and response time

Wordpress optimisation and SEOSearch Engine Optimization SEO

Most people think Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a black art, and they are largely right. Google is the most important search engine but does not publish the details of how their algorithms work.

There are many specialist SEO companies, but they are expensive and charge a monthly fee. SEO companies also spread the work over many months to coincide with the monthly payments, which limits the speed of improvement.

As Google’s algorithm has evolved, it has stopped many of the old SEO tricks from working, which is a good thing. For example, buying a link service which creates many bogus links to a site does not work. There are still companies selling these services for which Google will penalise you. Another trick people use is two sites linking to each other; this won’t work either as Google recognise it is just a tit-for-tat link which has no value. The bottom line is Google focuses on a good user experience and tactics designed to trick Google will not work.

Getting a good user experience means good layout, spelling and grammar, as well as content people, want to read. Quality content will encourage people to share it and link to it, which will mean Google will increase its ranking.

If you have a WordPress website, several low-cost tools can help you optimise your site. These are not a quick fix but merely an aid to doing the work yourself and saving considerable cost. will get you started with SEO and other tools like Google Analytics which report site usage.

Website performance is an essential factor in ranking on Google. specialises in improving the speed of existing sites which can dramatically improve the Google ranking.  Improvements which help your Google ranking will also help your Bing ranking.

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Data center solutions based in Milton Keynes.Website hosting

We offer website hosting services. These are typically simple sites hosted on existing Microsoft webservers servers or standalone websites hosted on Linux servers running WordPress.

If you want to have total control of a  web server, including shell access, the Linux solution is a good one. Although you will have full control of the server, you will have to comply with an acceptable use policy which does not allow unethical or illegal use.

As manages the infrastructure for our client sites, we often get calls from web developers who are having issues with the websites sites they are building for our clients. These problems are usually a domain or email-related issues.

Web developers usually have a reseller agreement with a big hosting company. Some of these companies have very restrictive policies. For example, 1&1 insists the customer transfers their domain to them. Apart from being restrictive practice this adds another level of administration to managing external systems and therefore wastes time and adds confusion and thus cost and downtime. These big hosting companies sometimes change server IP addresses without telling the customer, which will cause the webserver to go offline.

Another problem we have had referred to us from two separate web companies is they couldn’t make email from websites work reliably, often because the anti-spam system rejects emails from the server. We work with the web developer to solve the customer’s problem.

Website security to protect your company reputationWebsite security

Website security is usually not given a second thought, but many problems can arise from a compromised website. When hackers alter a website, the reputation of the company will be damaged. It could have code added which performs functions for the hacker like sending spam, attacking other systems or other unethical activities. Not only will that affect the company’s reputation, but it will slow the site down, which will affect Google rankings. We offer solutions which will detect and remove malware from your websites.

It is horrifying how often hackers attack websites. For example, up to today, there have been 26,118 unauthorised attempts to log in to the management console of this website. The nature of websites makes them vulnerable to these hack attempts, but good security practices are necessary to minimise the risks. You need to know there is a problem before you can fix it.

Website performance

Users are impatient and want pages to load instantly. If it doesn’t’ most users will go back to their Google search and go somewhere else. Google will penalise your site for both bounce rate and the time it takes to load the page. There are many causes of poor website performance, including the hosting service, the design of the site, the size of pictures and video on the site. offers solutions to these problems. Check your website performance.

Monitoring downtime

Do you know how often your website if offline? We have systems that will monitor uptime and send notifications once it has been unresponsive for a predetermined amount of time. These systems also maintain statistics like response time which are an indication of performance. Many low-cost hosting packages or sites provided by advertising entities have inferior performance. Our monitoring systems will identify these issues over time.

Diagnosing email problems with contact forms

A common problem is emails not arriving from website contact forms. The missing email has multiple causes, including issues on the sending web server and antispam systems blocking the emails. specialises in fixing these problems.

Data backups and data recovery in Leighton Buzzard.Website backups

Everyone knows to back up their computer data but have you a backup of your website? The answer is probably not, and the company trusts their web developer or the host to backup the website. What happens when the web developer ceases trading? The hosting is probably with a third-party company with which you don’t have a commercial relationship. When the web developer ceases trading and stops paying for the hosting, your website will be taken down and could be lost altogether. If you try to contact the hosting company, they will refuse to deal with you as the contract is with the developer. The website might be yours, but the hosts will use data protection policies as an excuse not to help you. That’s if you can contact the host at all, as most won’t know who the hosts are.

For this reason alone, you must have a reliable backup system, so your website is recoverable in the case of any disaster, including the web developer disappearing. Backups protect websites from significant security problems or a problem with the hosting. The hosting company might have a reliable backup system, but you should check their terms and conditions to see if they have absolved themselves of all responsibility for your content.

Moving your website to a different host

One of the main reasons to use the backups is to move the website to another server or hosting company. Businesses move their Website for several reasons, including poor performance and cost. There are many tools and demonstrations on YouTube about how easy this is. Our experience is that some of these tools either don’t work at all or are much more challenging to use than it appears. An example is when the database name, login and password are unavailable. Ask to move your website for complete peace of mind.

How much is your website worth to you?

Any significant website will cost tens of thousands of pounds to create and maintain. Having reliable backups of your website is essential.