Monitoring critical IT systems in London and Milton Keynes.Network Monitoring

Network monitoring warns of failures when they happen. Modern network technology is very reliable but can fail for several reasons. With today’s dependency on email and the World Wide Web, it is increasingly vital that these systems work and the business gets to know about it very quickly if there is a problem. Most offices do much of their communication using email. If their email system fails, then the business is severely hampered. It might not be evident that there is a problem for some time. Users can still send emails, but they don’t know that they have not left the server. It often takes some time for someone to realise incoming email has stopped. Don’t wait for a customer to tell you your system is offline.

Network monitoring for as little as £2 per month, these vital services can be monitored by You specify how often you want these systems tested and how you want to be notified. We will investigate the problem for you if required.

A company with an E-commerce website selling concert tickets or sports shirts loses money all the time their site is offline. sets up network monitoring to test the website every few minutes. If the website goes offline, a message is sent to the person responsible for the site so they can take appropriate action. The notification can be an email, SMS message or both. is now offering automatic network monitoring of essential business systems. These would include websites and email systems but can also have server disk space and server services. It is also possible to monitor “cloud” services provided by third parties.