Business email hosted Exchange and Office 365Business Email specialises in business email systems. More than just email, modern systems are more accurately described as groupware, allowing business users to work together as a team. Groupware offers flexibility in connection, allowing connections from computers using Microsoft Outlook, web connections using Outlook Web Access (OWA), and smartphones and tablets.

Exchange Services

Since Microsoft withdrew Small Business Server, having a dedicated business email server for a small number of users is not cost-effective.

One alternative would be to host your email on our servers. Our servers have good-quality antivirus protection, are practically spam-free and are clustered. Clustered means more than one server has the data making it a fault-tolerant system.

We offer web, smartphone, and tablet access when you are away from your PC and Outlook at your desk.

Charges are per mailbox, so users can have as many devices as they need. We offer a personal service to users that large companies cannot match.


Spam or Unsolicited Commercial Email is here to stay, or at least until technology changes dramatically. Unfortunately, when email was invented, security was not a concern, and it is its simplicity, and lack of security made sending Spam so easy.

Many people ask why spammers do it. They would not go through all the trouble if they did not make money. Although everyone hates receiving SPAM, a small percentage of people buy a product due to receiving spam. Many people fall for the scams promoted by spam or click on links to malware.

For companies using POP email, some Internet Service Providers (ISP) will block spam for you. There is usually no way to recover emails blocked by mistake. POP is a simple email collection system that is not the best for business users.

Software on each device is another solution, but it has to be installed and managed on each one. Companies with email servers will often have anti-spam software combined with antivirus software on the server. PC software can be an effective solution, but the spam takes up bandwidth on the company’s Internet connections before being rejected.

The best Spam protection

As with most things in IT, there are several ways to combat spam. The best alternative is to use an external SPAM filtering service, routing all the company’s emails through a filtering service.

The service cleans the email of viruses and spam and forwards the legitimate email to its email servers. This service will even filter out invalid recipient names by maintaining a list of valid recipients, which it automatically updates from the email server.

There are many advantages to this system.

  • Spam uses no bandwidth on end-user networks.
  • Our anti-spam service works with Office 365
  • No SPAM software runs on customer servers and workstations.
  • The SPAM system is easy to monitor
  • No spam system updates are ever required.
  • The SPAM system is excellent value for money.

Email Disclaimers

It is widespread for companies to have legal disclaimers at the bottom of all their outgoing email. Historically, adding it to the bottom of the user’s signatures on each computer has been done. Adding user signatures is not a very efficient way to do this for numerous reasons.

  • Each user has to add it.
  • Someone must configure every device independently.
  • Users must add disclaimers to any new device.
  • If a user has multiple mobile devices, each one needs a disclaimer.
  • Users must update every device when the wording changes.
  • Errors and omissions lead to inconsistent footer text or no disclaimer.

User disclaimers result in an error-prone system where maintaining a consistent disclaimer at the bottom of all corporate emails is practically impossible.

Centralised email disclaimers

There is a better way. With the email anti-virus and the anti-spam solution, we can add a disclaimer for the whole domain.

Each user can still add a personalised signature and the corporate legal disclaimer appears underneath.

Control disclaimers centrally and accurately and be consistent on all outgoing business emails.