VoIP telephone solutions in Bedfordshire and London.VoIP telephone systems

Atomik.biz provides fully featured business-quality VoIP telephone systems and offers everything from a single VoIP phone to a fully functional call centre PBX with Interactive Voice Menus (IVM), remote extensions, bespoke music on hold and call queues.

These systems can be run On-Premise, in your own data centre environment or cloud-based.

We support handsets from Cisco, Granstream, Fanvil, Yealink, Snom, Polycom and Htek.

What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology that allows the Internet to carry voice conversations. This technology has several advantages over standard telephone systems. VoIP is much cheaper as there is no need to pay the line rental on numerous phone lines. Call charges are less expensive than land lines, especially overseas. Phone numbers are not tied to physical phone lines and can move with a user. Remote users can participate in a company phone system from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

3CX phone system planning and installation3CX Phone System

The 3CX VoIP telephone System is an open standard Windows-based IP PBX that provides superior features and flexibility at a far lower cost and replaces traditional PBX hardware phones. It supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN lines. 3CX Phone System’s web-based management console makes it easy to configure, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance.

3CX Phone System includes a client (available for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android) that makes call control, conferencing and other unified communications features a breeze. Users can manage their extension and their calls with just a few mouse clicks and avoid using a cryptic phone interface. What’s more, you can log in to 3CX from any computer or smartphone to see the status and presence of other users from your office and any bridged offices around the world.

3CX VoIP telephone System includes an iPhone and Android client that allows you to make and receive office calls on your IOS or Android device from anywhere. Save on telecommunications costs by making internal office calls free of charge, and keep your mobile number confidential by using the office caller ID. Never miss that all-important call by answering calls made to your office extension from anywhere.

3CX Phone System is available in several editions based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) your company makes. Upgrades are activated instantly with a license key – there’s no need to reinstall 3CX Phone System. A detailed feature comparison table can be found here.

3CX works with a range of handsets from Cisco, Fanvil, Grandstream, Htek, Snom and Yealink and even supports door entry systems.

Download the latest version of 3CX here.

Proper planning to acheive a good resultVoIP Disadvantages

VoIP is not without its disadvantages. Firstly compared with traditional phone systems it is relatively new and with a wide range of hardware and service providers there can be some compatibility issues. The most likely problem areas have always been voice quality and reliability. If a company had one Internet connection with several voice connections as well as email and general Internet traffic sharing, voice quality would probably vary and if the Internet connection dropped the calls would be cut off.

Getting the best performance out of VoIP requires the system to be designed correctly. This design will include, fault tolerance, a minimum of two Internet connections will maintain both VoIP and other Internet services if a line fails. Quality of Service (QoS) will prioritise VoIP traffic so that voice will not become broken or jittery if a link becomes busy. Available bandwidth must be planned carefully to give acceptable service. Last but not least is porting of numbers. It is possible to keep your terrestrial numbers and port them over to your VoIP system. Porting is not an instant process and needs to be planned with the phone company to minimise downtime. Testing is essential with VoIP to ensure the system performs according to the design.

The VoIP market is very competitive and price-driven resulting in too many providers chasing too little business and making too little profit. The inevitable result is that some VoIP providers have gone out of business or been taken over by larger ones. For this reason, don’t buy VoIP services on price alone. The service level might be the reason for the price.

Draytek VoIP telephone systems with no subscriptions are very cost effectiveDraytek Voice products

The Vigor BX2000 is a business class router which supports all the facilities of the class-leading Vigor 2862 series routers. It also has a built-in VoIP telephone system. 

This device is the heart of an integrated phone system. It is also very cost effective as there are no ongoing subscriptions and software updates are free. It can support up to 50 VoIP extensions that can be local or remote. It provides Voicemail, calls queues and interactive voice menus. It even has an analogue port which can be used for fax, PDQ machine or phone.

It supports most popular IP phones, including those from VTech, Snom, Grandstream, Yealink and Gigaset.

This an excellent alternative to a cloud-based VoIP phone system.

The VigorSwitch P2280 is a 24 port rack mountable managed Power Over Ethernet (POE) Gigabit switch. This is ideal for networks with large numbers of POE devices like the VoIP handsets or the wireless access points and even security cameras. Being Gigabit as well as POE makes it the ideal switch for small networks with a mix of equipment.

Single VoIP phone solutions in Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Luton and BedfordshireSingle extension VoIP solutions

Business startups and home-based businesses often want a phone solution which is very simple and costs very little.

The simplest solution is to have a single VoIP phone connecting to a low-cost VoIP service which can include bundled calls. Buying a used phone brings the cost down even more. If the business is likely to grow making the right choices at this point will make the solution more scalable for business growth. This means buying phones and VoIP services which are likely to be compatible with future systems. Atomik.biz can advise on all aspects of VoIP system design.

Proffesional design and installation serviceVoIP Telephone System design and support

Many VoIP phone system providers sell their products to customers without considering the implications to the customers business. As Telephony, Internet connections, email and general networking become more integrated planning becomes even more critical.

Once a customer chooses a VoIP telephone system Atomik.biz will plan how to integrate it into the customer’s network to get the best out of it and to ensure no unintended effects to the existing systems.

Aspects of the design include but are not limited to:-

  • Ensuring existing internal systems that are available to the Internet still work correctly. This might include web servers, email systems, digital video recorders and file and print services.
  • If the existing system has multiple Internet connections, how this will be best used to make the new system as fault-tolerant as possible.
  • Integrating existing VoIP investment into the new system where possible.
  • Planning to resolve problems when they occur.

Systems bought from sellers who don’t even visit the customer and who send the phones and expect the customer to self-install are unlikely to enhance the business. The real value in any new system is how it is programmed to work for the business and how the staff are trained to get the best out of it.


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