Low cost refurbished computers in Leighton Buzzard.

Low cost refurbished computers

We have a selection of professionally refurbished desktop computers ideal for business or home use. These are all quality machines, mostly from HP or Dell which came from businesses which closed down. They are fully working and have had all the dust blown out with compressed air and been cleaned and tested.

Atomik also has a selection of refurbished laptops which have Windows 10 installed and are excellent value. Power supplies are included with all laptops.

Desktop machines include keyboard, mouse and all required cables. Prices start from £50. We also have a selection of used flat panel monitors from £20. We have some matched pairs of monitors which are ideal for users who want dual screens. Most users who get used to dual screens never want to go back to a single screen.

The machines have been securelly wiped and reinstalled with Windows 10, and are entirely legal. They have been thoroughly tested and come with a 180-day hardware warranty.

We are happy to do any setup work for additional cost and will supply machines with a free 30 day Eset anti virus licence. We offer ongoing remote or onsite support for new and existing equipment. Setup work would typically include installing software and moving data from old machines. Old machines even if not working need to be securily wiped before disposal which we will do and provide a certificate of proof. We will safely dispose of old equipment.

Machines installed with Debian Linux are available to order.

Our commitment to IT recycling means we have an extensive stock of used IT equipment. Including routers, switches, wireless equuipment and computer parts. Contact us with your requirement and we will see if we can help.


For a great value refurbished computer

Please use the Contact us page or call Atomik.biz on

01525 540 041 or 020 3327 1747

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