ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows ServerESET File Server Antivirus and Security for Microsoft Windows

Install ESET’s award-winning server antivirus and security protection and improve detection rates on your Microsoft Windows environment. Every workstation and endpoint needs protection, and ESET File Security is specially engineered with a server environment in mind. ESET File Security keeps your server running smoothly without adversely affecting performance.

Protect your company against threats both known and emerging with ESET’s signature low system footprint, advanced heuristics and comprehensive scanning options. Prevent threats being brought into the company physically with Device Control, allowing you to block unauthorised CDs/DVDs and USBs. Edit GUI visibility for the end-user, reducing the system resources required even further if hidden completely.

ESET Remote AdministratorESET Remote Administrator

Regardless of whether your business has a hand full of employees or hundreds ESET Remote Administrator makes mundane day-to-day tasks and complicated tasks easy to implement and manage. ERA comes free with any ESET business product and streamlines your ESET security solutions.

ERA’s web console manages everyday network antivirus and security. Clear dashboards with extensive drill-down capabilities make viewing interpreting and viewing data stored in the database simple. Manage all of your business licenses in one place and deployment ESET products to your Endpoints with just a few clicks, ESET Remote Administrator does the rest.

ESET Security for Microsoft Sharepoint ServerESET Security for Microsoft Sharepoint Server

Get ESET’s award-winning Sharepoint server antivirus and security and keep your projects running smoothly.

ESET SharePoint Security allows you to clean and perform on-demand or scheduled scans of your SharePoint database. Customise your scans by setting up rules based on the file name, size and type to speed up scans. ESET Self-Defence prevents unauthorised uninstallation of our software, to ensure your database is always protected. Our ThreatSense engine combines speed, accuracy and low system impact.

Remote Administrator, our central management tool, comes free with ESET SharePoint Security.

ESET Secure AuthenticationESET Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication provides a robust extra layer of security between the outside world and your sensitive company data. A particularly powerful tool if you have a large mobile workforce needing to connect to your network from outside.

ESET Secure Authentication is a mobile-based two-factor (2FA) one-time password (OTP) authentication system for a higher level of security. The software is a one-tap installation which is simple and effective and supports a broad range of mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. This out-of-the-box solution is more than convenient for the mobile workforce.

ESET Gateway Security for Linux FreeBSDESET Gateway Security

Linux, BSD and Solaris have long been the platforms of choice for gateway servers, where reliability and responsiveness are paramount. ESET Gateway Security protects your organisations HTTP and FTP gateways against known and unknown viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, phishing and other Internet threats.

Built upon ESET’s powerful ThreatSense technology, ESET Gateway Security delivers both unprecedented scanning speed and unrivalled detection rates, while minimising false-positives. ESET Gateway Security’s small footprint and fast performance make it ideal for the performance demands placed on systems with heavy network traffic. ESET Gateway Security is your first line of defence against evolving threats.

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