For professional phone system recordings

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Professional recordings for telephone systems and interactive voice menus

Professional telephone system recordings

Professional recordings for telephone systems or messages on hold give a much better impression than ones done in-house using a telephone handset. Custom messages on hold can be produced to your requirements including choice of male or female, choice of accent and even a business tone of something softer.


  • 94% of advertising budgets are spent on generating incoming calls. Look after those incoming calls correctly, and give a professional first impression.
  • 70% of calls are placed on hold or transferred.
  • 90% will hang up after 40 seconds if confronted with silence or beeps
  • Advertise new services to existing customers.
  • Enhance your corporate image and make your company sound bigger and more professional.
  • Psychologically reduce “hold time”.
  • Advertise changes to your business, Christmas Opening hours etc.

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