Draytek VigorACS monitoring and managementManaging Draytek Vigor routers and access points

What is VigorACS?

Draytek Vigor ACS device management is a cloud-based system for managing and monitoring Draytek routers and access points. The system maintains two-way communication with the device and periodically records system information including traffic volumes and device connections. No user data is recorded so there are no GDPR implications.

Configuration backups

Modern equipment is very reliable but if a device fails then an efficient restoration of functionality will require a current configuration file. This file contains all the device setup including network settings, firewall rules and VPN settings. Without a backup, the device needs to be set up from scratch which will take longer and will usually require a site visit. The VigorACS system can do daily backups and typically keep 20 days of backups

Firmware updates

Firmware updates are released regularly for Draytek products which is one of the many benefits of using a premium product. These updates address security vulnerabilities as well as adding new features and fixing problems. VigorACS can be used to do scheduled firmware updates during non-business hours. Scheduling allows updates to be done at times when not only are users not working but online backups are not running, typically in the early hours. One great benefit of subscribing to our service is having regular updates done when it won’t affect business.


There is a monthly fee per device configured on VigorACS.

For seamless Draytek Vigor support and management

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