Saving money and improving productivity by tracking company vehiclesVehicle tracking

Many industries have sizeable mobile workforce’s. This represents a significant cost to the business and monitoring and controlling that cost can make the difference between making a good profit and a loss.

Vehicle use is open to abuse, and it is challenging for business owners to know how their vehicles are used, especially out of work hours. There are other less obvious benefits like to be able to monitor if employees are speeding. Business owners can be held responsible for the accidents caused by their employees if reasonable steps have not been taken to ensure the safety of both the employee and other road users.

With a vehicle tracking solution, it is possible to see when a vehicle is started and stopped and gives very accurate tracking of every journey as well as the speed of the vehicle. It is possible to know when a vehicle is stuck in traffic and when it is somewhere it is not supposed to be. In the event of needing to know where everyone is to decide how to service an urgent call, all vehicles whereabouts can be seen simultaneously in real time.

Vehicle tracking works by having a Global Positioning System (GPS) fitted to each vehicle which transmits data at regular intervals using mobile phone technology to a tracking centre. This data is stored and can be viewed online. There are different solutions available, most of which use web browsers. has been involved in installing two tracking solutions for clients, and the benefits to the businesses have been staggering.

One driver made a habit of driving well above the speed limit on London roads. Another who worked in Central London was found to be going home to Stevenage for lunch. One employee lent his company car to a friend who drove it to Scotland and then abandoned it there. These are extreme examples, but none of these things would have been discovered without the trackers.

Common daily uses are being able to work out the split of business and personal mileage. Overtime payments can be verified for out of hours calls. Knowing that a driver arrived on a contract call when they said they did. Knowing when staff leave for the evening. As a result of vehicle tracking, both mileage costs and overtime payments can be reduced. The tracker can also be used to find a stolen vehicle.

This might all seem like big brother but the abuse of the freedom of being mobile costs business dearly. will help with the choice of the right solution and help your business get the best use from that investment.

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