Managed server and service hosting in Milton Keynes

Hosting is running and maintaining a server or service for another company and can be a complete server used by remote users, or it could be a service like email, a database or a phone system. Benefits of having your servers or services hosted are that the hosting company will have better connectivity with higher reliability and monitoring. They will have on-site computer staff to ensure continued reliability and performance. In the case of hosted services hardware and software upgrades will be the responsibility of the hosting company.

Email hosting

Having a dedicated email server for a small number of users is not cost effective. One alternative would be to host your email on our servers. Our servers are monitored by us, have good quality antivirus protection, and are practically spam free.

We offer web access for when you are away from your PC, Outlook for when you are not. We also support connection with suitable smartphones and tablets. We advise on the choice of hardware and offer a personal service to help users that most larger companies are unable to match. This service is charged per mailbox and is independent of the number of devices that connect to it.

Server hosting

We can host an existing server or provide one from scratch. This service would suit a more substantial number of users who operate remotely from their central office or for companies who are wholly mobile and don’t have a central office. We would take care of backups and ongoing support of both the server and the remote users.

Wordpress optimisation and SEOSearch Engine Optimization SEO

Most people think this is something of a black art and to some extent they are right. The search engine most people care about is Google, and they don’t publish the details of how their algorithms work. There are many specialist SEO companies, but they are expensive and charge a monthly fee.

If like so many companies you have a WordPress website several low-cost tools can help you optimise your site. These are not a quick fix but merely an aid to doing the work your self and saving considerable cost. can help you get started with SEO and other tools like Google Analytics which report on site traffic.

Website hosting

We offer website hosting services. These are typically simple sites hosted on existing Microsoft webservers servers or standalone websites hosted on Linux servers running WordPress. If you want to have total control of a  web server, the Linux solution is a good one. Although you will have full control of the server, you will have to comply with an acceptable use policy.

As manages the infrastructure or our client sites we often get calls from web developers who are having issues with websites sites they are building for our clients. These problems are usually domain or email related.

Web developers usually have a reseller agreement with a big hosting company. Some of these companies have very restrictive policies, for example, 1&1 insists that the company domain is transferred to them. Apart from being restrictive practice this adds another level administration to managing external systems and therefore wastes time and adds confusion and thus cost and downtime. These big hosting companies sometimes change server IP addresses without telling the customer which will cause the web server to go offline.

Another problem we have had referred to us from two separate web companies is they couldn’t make email from websites work reliably, often because email from the server is rejected by the anti-spam system. We will work with the web developer to solve the problem.

For hosting solutions

Please use the Contact us page or call us on 01525 540 041 or 020 3327 1747

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