PAT TestingPortable Appliance testing

PAT Testing

PAT testing is the periodic testing of portable electrical appliances. It is required at workplaces including offices, factories and construction sites but is useful in domestic premises. Testing uses a special test device that detects invisible faults with insulation, wires and earthing.

PAT testing ensures your electrical appliances are safe and reduces the risk of electric shock and fire. PAT testing can also find electrical devices which are causing intermittent tripping of RCDs in consumer units. An electrical device with an intermittent fault can cause “nuisance” trips and can be difficult to find.

What are the employer’s obligations?

The business owner is responsible for the safety of employees using portable electrical equipment on-site and at home. Periodic inspection and testing come under legal requirements which you need to adhere to, which include:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment regulations of 1998
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations of 1999


Buildings, business continuity and employer liability insurance policies can be affected by electrical safety clauses. Insurance companies sometimes insist on annual PAT tests. Always check your policy.


Why use us for Pat testing

  • As we are an IT company we are less likely to cause system problems when we test IT equipment
  • We are network engineers so will highlight non-electrical wiring problems for repair
  • Our engineer will ensure compliance with network cabling as well as electrical regulations.
  • We will test equipment that some electrical contractors won’t touch like comms cabinets and servers.

We include

  • Our qualified technicians carry out testing with calibrated equipment
  • Scheduled testing to suit the customer, including evenings and weekends
  • Free minor repairs
  • Legal paperwork including appliance list and test certificate
  • A reminder when you are due for your next test
  • Savings on large numbers of appliances

For more information about PAT testing

Telephone: 01525 540041 or 020 33271747