Computer network security using PF Sense open source firewall in Leighton Buzzard and BedfordshirePFSense Firewall

PFSense is an enterprise quality open source router firewall product. It runs on FreeBSD and can be installed on a computer or as a Virtual Machine. It is also available as hardware devices starting with a palm-sized appliance.

In the Virtual Machine configuration, PFSense is installed on an existing host and will replace a hardware router. When connected to a broadband circuit, a PPPoE modem interfaces the DSL line to the server. PFSense has many built-in network services including DHCP and VPN. PFSense has regular security updates.

The benefits of switching to PFSense include

  • A better level of security than typical routers with built-in firewalls
  • Available as a community edition with no licencing costs or a paid support version for mission-critical systems
  • It is very stable so rarely needs reboots.
  • Supports IPV6
  • No capital cost compared to buying a router apart from a PPPoE modem in ADSL or VDSL configurations.
  • Saving rack space and therefore cost in a data centre environment.
  • Practically no power usage if installed as a virtual machine
  • Being able to site wireless access points with the users rather than with the server in small environments. will plan, implement and support PFSense solutions.

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