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Atomik.biz is a Draytek partner and specialises Draytek Internet and wireless products. We don’t compete with big resellers who sell large numbers of units but provide no extra value. Instead, we plan the project, specify the right equipment for the job. The planning process does not only include the current requirement but also likely future needs. We then source the equipment and complete the installation and ensure it works according to the requirement. We then document the system and backup the configuration in case it is needed in the future. During the life of the product, Atomik.biz provides support and keeps the firmware up to date.

In the event of a system failure, we can get replacement equipment and restore configurations to get our customer up and running very quickly. We can do this because we are Advanced Network Partners with Draytek, we are only a few miles away from Draytek’s UK headquarters, and we keep backups of our customer’s systems as well as detailed documentation. We are focused on giving our customers a first class service.

Even before Atomik.biz existed, we were using Draytek ADSL products. Draytek was at the cutting edge of ADSL technology, and for that reason, we started using them and became very skilled with the entire range.

Some of our customers are now on their third generation of Draytek routers, and the solutions have grown with the technology.

Atomik.biz became a Draytek Enterprise partner and was entitled to sell Enterprise products. The Enterprise Partner program was superseded by the Advanced Network Partner Program Atomik.biz was among the first certified.

Draytek VigorBX 2000 IP PBX support VoIP

Draytek VigorBX 2000 IP PBX support

This is the second generation of Draytek PBX and is an ideal solution where the client does not want to pay for monthly phone system hosting or ongoing licencing costs.

Atomik.biz is a Draytek Advanced Voice Partner which means we have the skills to plan and implement a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution to give the best performance combined with reliability and value for money. Many on-line equipment suppliers sell to customers but don’t support the product. Atomik.biz implements solutions and provides ongoing support. As a Draytek partner, we have the full support and backing of Draytek. Combined with years of experience with Draytek products this means we can offer best in class service to our customers.

Domestic and commercial AV switching solutionsAV Switching

Domestic and commercial A/V switching using HDMI to IP extenders which can transmit video signals over great distances and can switch multiple sources to multiple screens using an app on a smartphone. For details from the manufacturer click the picture.

A typical scenario for this product would be viewing sporting events in pubs or other large building from a single source to multiple screens. In this setup, remote controls would not be required.

Another scenario would be homes with multiple televisions in living rooms and bedrooms. For example, watching Sky TV in the bedroom from a Sky box in the living room avoiding the costs of multi-room subscriptions and would improve options. Blue-ray players, Apple TV, and Amazon Fireboxes could also be switched in the same manner. In the home environment, the optional remote control feature can be used.



Atomik.biz will design and install a solution for your requirements.


For Draytek solutions and support

Please use the Contact us page or call Atomik.biz on 01525540041 or 02033271747

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