Destroying hard disks in Leighton Buzzard and Milton KeynesDestroying Hard disks

There are some circumstances when it is not practical, cost-effective or required to reuse hard disks. Older computers might not work at all or might not be able to boot from USB key or CD. If the drives are faulty or have an old interface like SCSI, connecting them to other machines is not practical.

In these situations, the physical destruction of the drives is a better solution. In the business environment smashing disks with hammers or drilling holes through them is not possible or compatible with health and safety. Smashing hard disks with hammers can result in flying pieces for a circuit board or metal casing as well as possibly causing other damage or injury. offers a hard disk destruction service. We use a 10-ton hydraulic press to crush the drive. The hydraulic press deforms the disk to such an extent that there is no possibility or retrieving data. only destroy hard disks off-site. If you want the drives returned or pictures before disposal, we will do that. Otherwise, we dispose of the destroyed drives to recycling.

Our hydraulic press is also useful for destroying large numbers of CDs or old backup tapes.

For confidence your data has been destroyed

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