Controlling Internet usage at work and in the homeControlling Internet usage

The Internet is invaluable, and most users can’t function without it. However, business owners need to monitor Internet usage closely.

The Internet gives access to lots of recreational sites and sites that can easily distract users from their work. The business will not want to pay staff to surf the web, eBay, Facebook and Twitter. Any number of recreational sites can take up many hours of work time. Inappropriate websites are prevalent, and websites with sexual content are extremely common and expose the business to legal risks as well as viruses and malware. Personal email is also a common distraction from work.

There are several different approaches to stopping or at least limiting this misuse of the Internet. Some companies think it sufficient to tell employees that their Internet usage is monitored and trust staff to use it appropriately. Some prefer to restrict access to non-work sites.

When monitoring Internet usage, it is essential to have an Internet usage policy and publish it in the staff handbook. typically uses advanced router technology to provide this type of control and different types of content can be blocked independently. For example, sexual content, job search sites or non-business email can be blocked. The categories for prohibiting content are very flexible and can be tailored to virtually any requirement.

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