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Computer Encryption

Data encryption is becoming vital in any business where business and customer data is valuable. Computer and device theft is widespread and made simple by users who carry more portable devices increasingly. More portable also means more stealable. When someone steals your laptop, or you leave it on a train or in the back of a cab, stealing data from it is easy for those with the know-how. Even if there is a “strong” password, getting access is usually simple despite what Microsoft wants you to believe.

If the thief can’t crack the password, they can remove the disk and install it in another machine to access the data.

Data encryption is the answer, and there are several ways to achieve this. You can encrypt the whole machine or just some files or folders. Suitable encryption software is available for encrypting email.

A fully encrypted computer is entirely secure, and there is no way to access the data without the encryption keys. It is essential to back up the keys so you can always access your personal or business data. will guide you through the process to ensure no costly mistakes.

Locked out of your computer

If you lock yourself out of your personal computer, use our contact us page, and we will get you back in, unless its encrypted of course

ESET Endpoint Encryption

Data is an integral part of modern business. Information is vulnerable when moved from place to place, whether via the internet or physical storage. Proactively protect your data with Endpoint Encryption.

With Endpoint Encryption, you can meet your data security compliance obligations with a single program. Full disk and removable media encryption keep your data safe on the move. File, folder and email encryption maintain data security between workgroups and teams. Endpoint Encryption Enterprise Server enforces security policy at endpoints.

ESET has rebranded DESlock

ESET has rebranded DESLock to ESET Endpoint Encryption. will support existing installations of DesLock.

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