Computer and laptop repair and upgrade in Leighton BuzzardComputer and laptop repair and upgrades

Modern computers and laptops are very reliable, but when things go wrong, we will solve your problems.


In many cases, the problem is obvious but sometimes with intermittent faults, working out what the problem is, is more complicated. Sometimes it is not certain whether a problem is a hardware fault or software-related. We will diagnose your problem and fix it.

Hardware faults

Typical hardware problems with desktop computers are failed disk drives or power supplies. The nature of laptops means they are more prone to physical damage. Broken screens, keyboards and hinges are very common. Broken power connectors and failed batteries are also everyday problems. In the event of hard disk failure, we will replace the drive and reinstall your software.

In the event a computer is beyond economical repair we will recover your data for your new machine. Data recovery can be a long process, so we typically undertake this work at our office.

Software faults

Before we can fix a software problem, we have to understand what it is, which means gathering information from the user, including symptoms and errors. We then “work the problem” until it is solved. Solving these problems can be upgrades, patches, settings or reinstalls. Sometimes if there is no “fix”, then a workaround can be found. Software faults are usually investigated and fixed remotely.

Computer Upgrades

We also upgrade computers which typically means memory and disk upgrades. Installing more memory and Solid State Drives is an excellent way to get more life from an existing machine.

Quality parts only uses quality parts from reputable suppliers and these parts will usually have a 1-year warranty. 

For fast and efficient computer and laptop repairs and upgrades

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