Network attached CCTV design and installation

CCTV design and installation provides CCTV design and installation services to suit the customer’s needs. We understand that the solution has to fulfil customer needs but also has to fit the budget. Designed with scalability in mind additional cameras can be added later. offers integration with computer systems to allow both local and remote viewing.


Closed-circuit television has been around for decades, but in the last fifteen years, the technology has changed. It used to work by recording to tape recorders, not unlike the VHS video cassette recorders. Most modern systems now record to digital video recorders that use hard disks. These are cheaper, more capable and more reliable. specialises in networking CCTV systems, including remote viewing by both computers and mobile devices.

Traditional security tape recorders have various problems. Tapes need to be changed and controlled so events can be found going back days or weeks. Finding incidents is very time consuming, and often failings in tape management mean the incident cannot be found. Tapes deteriorate over time, and often the quality of the recording is too grainy to be useful.

Tape drives are complex mechanical devices which are expensive and prone to failure. The total cost of ownership is high when considering the price of the recorders and tapes. Managing tapes costs time and money and takes up space.

Modern CCTV

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are typically network attached and viewed by computer. Correctly configuring the network means, cameras can be viewed from the local system and over the Internet on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

A modern DVR is a capable device, able to monitor, record and playback, all at the same time. They typically have 4, 8, 16 or 32 cameras and have varying amounts of storage space which is on a hard disk. Hard disks have the advantage of not suffering from reduced image quality due to tape wear.  With modern hard disks storage of over a month of video on all cameras is possible.

Another significant advantage is that in the event of a security problem the device can go quickly to the time and camera you are interested in without having to fast forward through numerous videotapes. Once located an event can be copied to a computer and quickly given to the police. Managing Digital Video Recorders can be done remotely.

Upgrading existing systems

The change from tape-based CCTV to a DVR based system is often straightforward and relatively inexpensive. Assuming the existing cameras and cabling are working well the changeover is simple. Upgrading involves swapping over as the cables from the current cameras to the new DVR. The new DVR can be standalone, but most business owners want to use the network features and view them remotely. Remote viewing requires a connection to the network and some configuration of the DVR and the router or firewall.

An increasing number of clients have video surveillance equipment, and we can integrate this into their network to suit their requirements.

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