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Starting a new business can be overwhelming. Spending hours investigating computer systems and arranging phones could be better spent working on sales, marketing and product development. Getting professional help will be quicker and result in a better solution that will be able to grow with your business. Using the same company for all these services will result in an integrated solution.

Get it right the first time, as changing things later will always add cost

Registering a web domain

Choosing a domain is a huge decision that you will have to live with forever. Your web address is likely to match your branding so making a mistake will cost time and money to fix.

Setting up email.

Using freemail like Gmail, Outlook, AOL or Yahoo does not look professional so using your own domain is essential. As your web and email addresses are printed on business cards and advertising material you won’t want to change them.


Most businesses need a website, which might be anything from an information site to an online shop taking orders and payments. Moving forward search engine optimisation (SEO) will be required if you expect your website to generate business. Don’t underestimate the work needed in SEO which is a massive undertaking


Most new companies will use VoIP phones as they are cheaper and have more features to help a growing business. VoIP phones are not tied to a physical phone line so are easy to move. When planning for the future, portability is essential for a growing business so when the company moves to bigger premises, relocating the phones is quick, cheap and straightforward. Phone numbers will be printed on business cards and advertising so choosing a suitable supplier and correctly designing the system are essential to avoid future problems. offers a service to set up all the required systems. These include registering a suitable domain name, setting up email accounts, setting up a webpage and setting up telephones.


There are large numbers or free online advertising sites. Our experience is they generate very little if any business. However, listing your business on some of these sites is probably worth doing if you are in a specialist business. If you have a van getting that sign written will probably be the best advertising you can get. Get your phone numbers, email and website working first so those details can go on the van.

To get your business up and running quickly

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