BT ISDN Switch Off

BT have announced their plan to phase out the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDNwhich has been the backbone of business phone systems since 1988. The announcement is that new installations will cease in 2020 and full switch off by 2025.

ISDN subscribers still have some time before their existing systems stop working. In many cases until your current phone system reaches the end of its useful life. For any new phone systems, there is little point investing in systems with such a short life. VoIP systems are the only practical alternative and are generally better and cheaper. The one exception to this is where your Internet connection is not good enough for reliable VoIP.

Many phone system providers are using the ISDN switch off to scare people into signing up with their VoIP solution. Do not fall for this tactic as you still have time to make a planned transition to VoIP.

To move to VoIP before time runs out

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