Apple MAC supportApple Mac support provides comprehensive hardware and software Apple MAC support for MacBooks, iMac, iPad and iPhone. We provide remote support, onsite support and workshop support.

Typical jobs are updating machines to the latest version of the operating system and installing additional RAM or replacement hard drives.

We install applications including anti-virus. It is a common misconception that Apple Mac computers don’t require anti-virus protection, but as Mac computers have been gaining market share, virus writers are targeting these systems.

A common support issue for us is where MAC users need to work in a Microsoft Windows environment. We will resolve issues accessing network files and folders. Also making sure that the MAC user does not compromise the security of the existing systems which is especially important now Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) had become so popular.

For help with your Apple products

Please use the Contact us page or call on 01525 540 041 or 020 3327 1747

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